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  • "The entire school exhibits an open environment. Parents are always welcome to the classroom. The teachers are very accessible. The environment is very warm; a great place to foster the development of an affectionate child". 

  • "There is a structure to the day but always time for free play and creativity, a good balance between the two".

  • "I love the curriculum: everything is age appropriate for children to develop and learn, while focusing on individual abilities and I love that my child gets to learn while they play". 

  • "Monthly letters inform parents about class themes, important dates, reminders...etc. Social events allow parents and children to socialize informally. I always feel informed and in-the-know which brings me peace of mind". 

  • "Children's art work is always on display. I feel like my child is valued and absolutely loved".

  • "The preschool does not required that your child is potty trained before they attend. Children potty train when they are physically and mentally ready. The staff is on hand to encourage and prompt children in the potty training process".

  • "My two year old LOVES going to school! We are happy with the teachers, director, and the other kids in the program. She learns a great deal everyday she is at school".

  • "St. Peter's provides a fun, loving, and caring environment for children. They explore a new theme each week through stories, discussion, crafts, songs and play. My child is gaining a wealth of background knowledge that will prepare her for kindergarten".

  • "I am very impressed with St. Peter's Preschool. The teachers provide a loving and nurturing environment, where there is a balance of both teacher directed and child selected activities. Its smaller class sizes allow the teachers to spend more individualized time with each child".

  • "The four year old program is fantastic! I feel my daughter will enter the Howard County Public School system well prepared and ready to learn". 

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